Retirement of Executive Director & Appointment of Interim Executive Director

By June 7, 2018News

The BC Centre for Ability Association Board of Directors regrets to announce that Andy Basi, appointed in March 2018 as Executive Director, retired from the Centre on May 25th. Unfortunately, Andy encountered unanticipated family health issues, and after discussion and consultation, he and the Board mutually decided it was best for him to step back from his responsibilities at the Centre to focus on supporting his family. Our Board of Directors wishes Dr. Basi well and thanks him for his service with the BC Centre for Ability.

Since then, the Board’s Transition Committee has been working with the Operational Leadership Team to develop an interim plan the Team and Board are confident will work. As a result, the Board has taken the following steps, which are mandated under our Succession Planning Policy:

    • Appointing an Interim Executive Director
    • Ensuring Executive Director duties are shared collaboratively among the Interim Executive Director and other members of the Centre’s Operational Leadership Team

The Association Board has appointed Rebecca Sun as Interim Executive Director, effective immediately. Ms. Sun has been a BC Centre for Ability employee for more than ten years, most recently serving as Director of Finance and Building Management and brings excellent financial management and organizational skills and deep administrative knowledge of the Centre’s programs and operations to the position.  Ms. Sun will work closely with clinical and program leads to collaborate on decisions, with support and oversight provided by a Transition Committee of the Association Board of Directors.

Additional steps will be taken during the interim period to ensure the BC Centre for Ability continues to build on its strengths, including a strategic review of the Centre to inform visioning, strategic planning, and recruiting a permanent Executive Director.

The Association Board has full confidence in our management team and their ability to sustain service excellence for BC Centre for Ability clients and their families and position the Centre for continued future success.

Please direct any questions about this transition to the BCCFA Association Board of Directors, c/o Mary Lui, BC Centre for Ability Executive Assistant, at

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