What is the Daily Endeavours Program?

Daily Endeavours (DE) assists participants to pursue full and meaningful lives as valuable and contributing members of their community. In doing so, Daily Endeavours helps to build communities that embrace diversity.

Qualified and trained community inclusion facilitators focus on the needs of each individual. This approach allows Daily Endeavours to provide community-based, one-to-one support for persons with complex health needs and disabilities.

Daily activities vary and include opportunities in volunteering, education, recreation, work and other aspects of daily living.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve adults with developmental disabilities and complex health needs who require one-to-one support to participate and contribute in their communities.

Why is Daily Endeavours Important?

For individuals with multiple disabilities where everyday life can pose significant barriers, Daily Endeavours provides essential individualized support to successfully pursue full and meaningful lives in neighbourhoods and communities. Adults with multiple disabilities are supported to pursue their personal goals, develop new skills and explore interests.

What Do We Offer?

One-to-one staffing is offered to adults with multiple disabilities and allows for flexibility to pursue individual interests and needs of the person served. Hours of support are adjusted on an individual basis to support the individual to access their community.

A team of community inclusion facilitators is developed around each individual with input from the person served and their family. This approach allows for greater creativity, broadens range of experience, and ensures minimal disruption when one staff person is sick or unavailable.

Training for community inclusion facilitators is done in conjunction with professional healthcare providers who are involved with the individual. Individualized Health Care Plans with emergency and contingency protocols provide the necessary documentation to direct training and to ensure the individual’s health and safety in the community.

Community inclusion facilitators receive training as needed on:

  • Needs of persons with Cerebral palsy, seizure disorders and other neurological disabilities
  • Personal care needs including nutrition, personal hygiene, range of motion, extreme allergies and the use of epi-pens, dysphasia (swallowing difficulties), mobility and seating
  • Augmentative communication
  • Facilitation of community inclusion and network building

Where Are Services Delivered?

Unlike traditional centre-based day programs, Daily Endeavours provides support to individuals from their homes in Burnaby and Vancouver to access their neighbourhood and community in activities of their choice.

How to Access Daily Endeavours:

Individuals are referred through Community Living BC. Talk with your Community Living BC representative for referrals to Daily Endeavours.

For More Information Contact:

Anne Watson

Director of Community Living
Phone: 604-630-3035
Email: Anne.Watson@bc-cfa.org