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What is the COVID-19 Response: Relief & Resiliency Fund?

Each year at our Dining for Dreams Gala, BC Centre for Ability celebrates the strength and courage of our Heroes of Ability and raises critical funds for those living with diverse abilities. For the past 12 years, our Hero of Ability awards recognize the determination and courage of our hero families and community. Our client heroes inspire us every year with their personal stories of resiliency and hope. Now, more than ever, they need support from you – our community heroes.

Under usual circumstances, funds raised at Dining for Dreams are used to enhance services for our clients living with disabilities – individuals, families and their caregivers who are faced daily with feelings of confusion and isolation. The global pandemic has changed all our lives, but these challenges impact our clients in numerous ways and their struggles are further exacerbated during COVID-19 and throughout the recovery period. For these reasons, BC Centre for Ability’s COVID-19 Response: Relief & Resiliency Fund has been created.

With generous support from James Family Foundation and Taya James, our Relief & Resiliency Fund has been launched to help address the desperate and ongoing needs facing BC Centre for Ability’s clients, families and caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis.

BC Centre for Ability is the premier and largest community-based service provider and child development centre in the province, offering an inclusive community where every person living with a disability thrives at all stages of life.

As leaders in the design and delivery of community-based services for persons with diverse abilities, BC Centre for Ability has been working hard to ensure our community has access to all of our services during this unprecedented global situation. Our team pivoted within mere days to continue programs and services via virtual telehealth, phone and email to support all of our clients and families – this means that every client, family and caregiver who requires our programs will continue to be served by us.

As BC Centre for Ability thoughtfully and methodically continues in this critical role, health care and social services providers continue to do what they have always done: prioritize our most vulnerable populations so they receive the best possible community-based services. Although this pandemic has made our jobs more difficult, we are determined to enhance services for individuals and families living with disabilities.

Who will this Fund help?

Every infant, child, youth, young adult and adult client we serve, along with their families and caregivers – each of them has overcome overwhelming obstacles with strength, courage and resiliency during these uncertain times. Each of our clients and families have faced adversity to tirelessly reach the best possible outcomes in their unique and diverse situation.


We all know that unstable routines and social distancing measures are difficult for children to understand. For children living with disabilities, the feelings of uncertainty and confusion are even more overwhelming. With physical distancing measures in place, kids are unable to see their community-based service providers face-to-face in ways and frequencies they are used to. And when children are feeling more isolated than ever, our social work services provide mental health and social-emotional learning supports to children, youth and their families.

Donor support will ensure that our clients will have enhanced and ongoing social work services available to them to ease their uncertain and overwhelming feelings.


Adults living with diverse abilities are already experiencing challenging situations in their lives. At a time when the only thing they should have to think about is their health and well-being, the pandemic has brought unthinkable stressors—from financial stress, related to lack of employment opportunities, to navigating systems to access available services and resources.

Donor support will help ease the daily burdens that adults living with disabilities are facing, providing adult and vocational services as well as psycho-social and mental wellness support services.

Community-Based Health Care and Social Services Providers:

Our health and social services heroes — those working on the frontlines to provide the best care possible for our kids — are experiencing enormous obstacles. They  work through long waitlists and supporting clients and families with often highly complex health, social and economic circumstances which have been further exacerbated by the pandemic. Their mental well-being is also impacted, as they work harder than ever to deliver community-based services under these circumstances.

Donor support will provide our staff and service providers with the latest in telehealth services, enabling them to expand their virtual service capabilities and continue providing essential support to clients – all while practicing physical distancing as needed. Your support will also help fund digital innovations and transformations to enhance our service delivery.

We know that now, and throughout the recovery period, it is a challenging time for everyone – all of us have been and continue to be affected.

If you are able, your support can truly make a difference in the lives of our community living with diverse abilities.

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