There are many organizations, tools, and publications available that focus on aspects of raising a child with special needs, or address the needs and interests of youth and adults with a disability.

We have gathered some of these to support you in your search for information. We do not endorse the information in any organizational website, research, or other materials.

Social & Recreational Opportunities

Children, youth and adults grow from social and recreational interaction. Discover the opportunities in your community.

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Community Partners

The BCCFA works in partnership with many local organizations that support children with special needs and youth and adults with disabilities. Learn more about our partners and the services they offer.

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Research & Publications

Evidence-based practice is the cornerstone of the decision-making process at the BCCFA. This approach to service and treatment draws from current research, professional expertise, and clients/families’ values, preference and priorities to reach desirable outcomes.

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Professional Organizations

Your helping professionals at the BCCFA are registered and/or certified. Learn more about the regulatory bodies and professional organizations that govern our work.

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Therapeutic Activities

Learn more about therapeutic resources and tools that may make a difference for you and your family.

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