Executive Director: Joshua Myers MSW, RSW

Operational Leadership team:

Allyson Clark: Leader of Innovation, Transformation and Quality
Angelina Woof: Leader of Physiotherapy
Elizabeth St Jacques: Leader of Speech Language Pathology
Judit Spence: Director of Physiotherapy
Laks Kutty: HR Specialist
Leena Joseph: Director of Finance
Mark Gruenheid: Senior Leader of Vocation and Adult Services
Nicole Nybo: Leader of Occupational Therapy
Terri Calvert: Leader of Supported Child Development
Tina Chiao: Director of Development and Communications
Tracey Gabert: executive Assistant to the ED and Board Liaison
Val Upton: Leader of Social Work
Wade Fung: Director of Information Technology and Building Operations

BC Centre for Ability Association Board of Directors

President: Julian Whike
Vice President: Albert Chow
Don Nicholson
Ryan Copeland
Director: Diana Trasolini
Director: Jose Duarte

BC Centre for Ability Foundation Board of Directors

President: Desmond Ng
Vice President: Albert Chow
Myron Backlin
Myron Backlin
Director: Don Nicholson
Director: Paul McGuigan