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Social Emotional Health

Children and youth who are socially and emotionally healthy are connected to others, have strengths, are confident and know how to cope with life challenges.

In 2013, the Federal Government of Canada provided the BC Centre for Ability with funding to develop a resource and training centre focused on Social Emotional Enhancement and Development (SEED) for children with neurodevelopmental conditions. This was the beginning of the Centre’s strong, evidence-based foundation of understanding the social and emotional health of children and youth.

Over time we have focused on understanding the continuum from early social emotional development to social emotional health for middle aged children and youth. This includes best practice interventions for teaching social emotional competencies based on research and our experience working with neurodiverse children and youth. Our focus has grown to include the prevention of mental health challenges and support for complex child and youth who may be vulnerable to developing Anxiety and/or Depression. 

Socially and emotionally competent young people have coping skills that build resilience and help them manage their emotions, including stressors that come with the pressures of school, more complex relationships, and decision about their future.

Kaiya’s story demonstrates a family and child’s resilience as they journey through life with their child.