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A Community of Belonging

More than half a million people in British Columbia self-identify as having a disability.

Who are they? They are our children, parents, family members, neighbours and co-workers. This means we ALL know someone who has a disability.

Here, meet some of the people that we know. People that we admire, respect and champion. People who – despite challenges – are realizing their dreams in a world of opportunity.


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Vivien was diagnosed with a rare heart disease and failure to thrive as an infant, but was able to overcome this hurdle with her supportive family and the dedicated Early Intervention Therapy (EIT) Read More


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Cora, a bright and funny four-year-old girl, has cerebral palsy.  She is thriving today thanks to  her unyielding spirt, hard work and support from her family and the Early Intervention and Supported Child Development team and Therapy Services.

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The Community Brain Injury Program for Children & Youth (CBIPCY) team at the BC Centre for Ability (Centre), worked closely and collaboratively with Colton to regain his speech and mobility after experiencing a cardiac arrest resulting in an anoxic/ischemic brain injury.
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Gabby is a soft-spoken, mild mannered 13 year old with a bright smile that lights up his whole face. He is actively participating in school, making friends and enjoys time teaching  his family new skills thanks to the Stepping Stones Program at the BC Centre for Ability.
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