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Adriana has a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis and was referred to BCCFA at the age of 6 months old following concerns with motor delay.

She has been receiving occupational therapy and physiotherapy services since then, with speech-language pathology added just before her second birthday.

During her time with BCCFA, Adriana has impressed her service providers with her positive energy, focus and willingness to try difficult tasks. She has continued to demonstrate her resilience and strength despite challenges.

“She is always excited to see us and looks forward to our sessions. She always has something fun she wants to show us and tell us about when we’re able to visit her home, or during our virtual sessions.” – Adriana’s service providers

Adriana has achieved several goals related to her physical development, including significant improvement in eating, climbing, jumping, biking and swimming. She has also worked to improve her social skills and is now initiating conversations with many different peers at preschool.

“Although she was quite shy when she first started preschool, she worked hard to participate in group activities and initiate play with her peers. Now, when we arrive to visit her, she’s surrounded by friends and we know she’s going to have an amazing time in kindergarten this year.”

Adriana’s family has been a joy to work with as well. They are determined to help Adriana reach her goals and always help her practice what they have learned in therapy sessions together. They work diligently to set realistic, achievable goals and are patient and adaptable when goals need to be modified. The positive, uplifting attitude Adriana’s family surrounds her with and their willingness to do whatever it takes to help her succeed is so inspiring.

Adriana’s hard work, positive attitude, adaptability, and resilience are an inspiration to everyone around her, and for these reasons, she is an exceptional example of a Hero of Ability.

Image: Adriana (centre) receiving her award with her mother (Selina) and older sister; presented by her BCCFA team (from left to right) Emily Kween (OT), April Leung (PT) and Megan Harold (SLP).