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Doug is an experienced entrepreneur who launched and succeeded in running his own business for many years. After experiencing a major health issue, Doug had to change his career path. He experienced challenging moments filled with depression and anxiety.

Doug has lost employment opportunities in the past due to a lack of support and workplace accommodations. As a person with autism, Doug finds it challenging when people use neurotypical communication styles, speaking in generalities or relying on social cues. Despite this challenge, Doug is determined to improve and continues to work on his communication skills.

One of Doug’s most admirable qualities is his resilience. Despite obstacles he has faced due to his mental and physical health, Doug has continued to push himself to get up every day and make each day count. Doug has consistently said that he is motivated to work because he wants to continue to provide for his family. His wife and son are an inspiration to him, and he is devoted to taking care of his family.

 “Doug is also one of the most humble clients I have ever worked with. He takes feedback very seriously and has done research on how to improve his mental outlook.” – Mike Taculad, Community Coordinator for the Opportunities Fund.

Through BCCFA’s Opportunities Fund, Mike Taculad, Community Coordinator, was able to help Doug secure a position as an administrative officer with a local Burnaby company that advocates and offers support for employees with disabilities.

Doug had these words to share about Mike:

“You have been a huge help to me in many ways. Your wisdom, your ability to listen and understand, and then guide me, all the while with a genuine interest in helping me and caring enough to be candid … You have helped me more than words can express. I count myself very lucky to have you and the Opportunities Fund team on my side. You are a great person and you inspire me to give to others. Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor.”

Image: Doug (right) accepting his award from Mike (left).