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What is CYSN Family Counselling Support Services?

Social and emotional wellbeing is an essential component of family resiliency in that it fosters healthy family relationships. CYSN Family Counselling Support Services aims to support your family’s positive coping skills and to strengthen your family’s ability to support your child with extra challenges to develop social-emotional competencies. We work with families through their grief and loss in light of a new diagnosis, life transitions, and caring for one or multiple children with complex medical needs.

Who Do We Serve?

We offer therapeutic support to children and youth living in Burnaby and New Westminster that have a CYSN Social Worker, as well as their siblings, families and caregivers.

Why is CYSN Family Counselling Support Services Important?

CYSN Family Counselling Support Services can help families gain or enhance the skills they have that foster open communication and a deeper understanding of themselves and others in order to support more positive and meaningful relationships. The Family Counsellor uses evidence-based resources that enable your family to better understand your child’s extra challenges. Together with the counsellor, you will identify effective strategies to further develop and enhance your child and family’s social-emotional competence.

The family counsellor can help provide families with the support and confidence to tackle life’s multiple transitions and challenging situations. It is a voluntary service that is flexible and adaptable to meet your family’s needs in a preventative versus a crisis-based manner.

What Do We Offer?

Using a collaborative approach, the Family Counsellor will create a plan with you for the next six months. This plan will identify specific goals that aim to support your family in its journey, taking into account the place you are in currently and where you see yourself being in the future.

Family Counselling Support Services offers:

  • 6 months of counselling for couples, family units, siblings and children with extra challenges;
  • Information and educational workshops
  • Resource information
  • Parent networking
  • Family-Together Nights (whole family activities)

Where Are Services Delivered?

Services may be delivered in a variety of environments and may change as children and youth grow. Locations include the BC Centre for Ability Vancouver office, the BCCFA Burnaby office, the family home, community settings or school facilities.

Family Counselling Support Services are provided Monday to Thursday from 9 am – 5 pm. Family appointments, interagency meetings, group sessions, and special events may be scheduled outside of these hours.

How to Access CYSN Family Counselling Support Services:

Please discuss and complete the referral form with your CYSN Social Worker.  There is no charge to families for these services.

For More Information Contact:

Brandon Burke, MSW, RSW

Phone: 604-451-5511 Ext.1319
Cell: 778-887-3010