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Three adults and a child in a wheelchair conversing in a park.
Navy text reading "Lift Each Other UP" with a navy and yellow kite coming out of the side of the letter U in "UP".

We can foster growth, with you.

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About the Lift Each Other Up Campaign

At BC Centre for Ability, we strive to work together to build and uplift our community. Our Lift Each Other Up campaign focuses on what it means to make a difference in supporting community growth initiatives. It takes all of us to foster growth and change, and through making a difference, we lift each other up. With the support from our community and generosity of our donors, we can champion the growth of our crucial impact on the lives of children, youth, and adults with disabilities.

Together, we can continue to provide quality service to clients, decrease waitlists, and innovate the support available to those within our community.

Who Does Lift Each Other Up Support?

Student-Led Pediatric Clinic

In collaboration with UBC’s Department of Physical Therapy, this innovative clinic support families with children aged 0 to 5 needing physiotherapy. The goal of the clinic is to increase access to physiotherapy services and to provide an opportunity to engage students with practical learning in pediatrics to aid in hiring and retention.

The clinic’s service model seamlessly aligns with BCCFA’s community service offering, but is slightly different to allow families to have increased access and frequency to work on specific goals. This provides a full circle learning environment for the families, as well as the students.

Since its launch in November 2023, the clinic has been able to reduce wait times, increase access to crucial healthcare, and develop unique connections among families in the program and between students.

With you, we can continue to reduce wait times, continue to innovate access to essential healthcare, and help more children and families progress towards their goals.

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Rapid Response Feeding Team

The Rapid Response Feeding Team (RRFT) provides rapid response service to children aged 0 to 4 and their families whose feeding difficulties compromise development and/or health. The RRFT ensures that these children are not waiting for service during the critical period of their health issue. RRFT services are direct therapy services, carried out by Occupational Therapists or Speech Language Pathologists who are trained in feeding. Each year, the RRFT has served around 200 unique clients.

The RRFT is filling a gap in the current service provision model. Urgent feeding services are required for many children either leaving acute care or babies who are struggling to meet their nutritional needs at home. Our Rapid Response Feeding Team fills this gap by providing temporary, rapid feeding support in families home for children whose feeding struggles are compromising their health and/or development. Without this service, many children would be waiting for support during this critical time.

With you, we can continue to provide and expand this vital support for clients and their families.

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Get to know how your generous donations support the areas of greatest need within our programs!

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Navy text reading "Lift Each Other UP" with a navy and yellow kite coming out of the side of the letter U in "UP".