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What is the Recovery & Rebound Fund?

For the second year in a row, BC Centre for Ability is unable to host its annual Dining for Dreams Gala, where the strength and courage of our Heroes of Ability are celebrated and critical funds are raised for those living with diverse abilities. For many years, our Hero of Ability awards recognize the determination and courage of our hero families and community. Our client heroes continue to inspire us every year with their personal stories of resiliency and hope; never have their stories of strength and determination been more relevant than now. As leaders in the design and delivery of community-based services for persons with diverse abilities, BC Centre for Ability has been working hard to ensure our community continues to have access to all of our services during this challenging global pandemic.

With the generous support from our community, last year’s COVID-19 Response: Relief & Resiliency Fund raised over $430,000 to support the desperate and ongoing needs facing BC Centre for Ability’s clients, families and caregivers. Your support of our Relief & Resiliency Fund provides hope that we will emerge from this experience stronger, more connected to each other, and prepared to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Despite our best efforts though, many British Columbians living with disabilities continue to wrestle with fear, loneliness and insecurity; they continue to struggle on the verge of a crisis. For well over a year, they have been asked to do even more, and families are being challenged by the unrealistic demands for an indefinite period of time, with very limited resources and assistance. We need to ensure that our clients and families continue to be offered excellence in care and support – we need your help more than ever before.

The Recovery & Rebound Fund is an opportunity to continue supporting our clients and families facing adversity and to help ensure the best possible outcomes in their ongoing unique and diverse situation.

Who will this Fund help?

Children & Youth: 

Your support will ensure that our families have ongoing social work and family counselling services available to provide peer support groups, parent networking opportunities, and initiatives that prioritize inclusion in classrooms, in sport and recreation, and in the community. Financial support will also allow us to increase early intervention therapy programming to more families and ensure our brain injury clients continue to access desperately needed services.


The ongoing pandemic has brought financial stress related to lack of employment opportunities and navigation of systems to access available services and resources. The economic impact during the pandemic has had a harsh impact on many, but the mental health and economic impacts of job loss are exacerbated for our clients. With your donation, we can focus support to overcome the challenges around safety and hope for the future, with an emphasis on those who are unemployed. Financial support will allow us to prioritize opportunities for our clients to be competitive in the labour market, with an emphasis on networking, upskilling to be more digitally enabled, education around technology literacy, micro-credentialing, labour market movement and supporting companies to take an inclusive approach to hiring.

As we all face one of the most challenging times, and certainly the most significant health and economic crisis we have experienced globally in a lifetime, BC Centre for Ability continues to adapt and change as an organization. Your continued support during the recovery and rebound period will help ensure we do not leave our most vulnerable individuals and families behind in a post-pandemic world.

From funding early intervention therapy to psychosocial and counselling programs in support of mental health needs to brain injury program and to vocational support for adults, together we can emerge stronger and make a real difference for people affected by disabilities during the pandemic and beyond.

Your donation is a symbol of hope and strength and it will ensure help is there when it is needed the most by funding promising programs and services and providing a compassionate support system for individuals, families and caregivers living with diverse abilities.

Please consider making a gift to the Recovery & Rebound Fund.

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