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Avia is a sweet and charismatic four-year-old girl whose smile lights up a room.

Avia started working with her BCCFA team in September 2017 after being diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy – Dystroglycanopathy with Cognitive Impairment (type B3) and Osteogenesis imperfecta. Initially, she required more than 1 minute to respond to others or initiate action, but through her hard work and perseverance, she is now able to quickly express herself and participate in activities that she enjoys. Avia has flourished at her fine arts preschool, engaging in arts and crafts and developing friendships.

Avia’s success is also attributed to the amazing support, optimism and involvement of her family. During their time working with BCCFA, her family has been communicative, collaborative and realistic with goal planning. They have been dedicated to supporting Avia, and have sought out several opportunities to learn more about how to assist Avia in the future, including attending a Muscular Dystrophy conference. They have also begun renovations to increase the accessibility of their home for Avia to grow into. Avia’s older sister has been a huge support to Avia. She participated enthusiastically during home visits and even included personal jokes in Avia’s communication device for them to share.

Avia and her family have been a joy to work with and Avia embodies all the values of a Hero of Ability.

Image: Avia (centre) receiving her award with her mother (Kaori) and older sister; presented by Executive Director, Joshua Myers (left), and Avia’s BCCFA team (from left to right): Catherine Yoell (PT), Marissa Lo (OT), Diana Tjin (VSCD) and Sophie Palmer (SLP).