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Sammie has been working with the BCCFA Supported Child Development program for 6 months.

After working closely with SCD consultants at her previous job, Sammie was inspired to become a consultant and join the BCCFA team. Sammie works with families and childcare programs to ensure inclusive practices for children who have a demonstrated need for extra support.

Outside of work, Sammie finds ways to support her role as an SCD consultant, through online research, going to the library, and attending workshops.

What has your experience been like working at BCCFA?

“It’s been short, but an amazing journey so far. I hope when the pandemic is over I get to have the full experience!”

If you could say one thing to families at BCCFA – what would it be?

“You are in good hands, BCCFA is family first and I feel strongly that everyone there believes in that as well.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

“I am a classical and folk musician. Before going into the ECE field, I went to university to study music professionally. My major was in flute, and my minor was in violin.”