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Erin is currently completing her bachelor’s in International Business Management at Langara College

For the last 8 months, Erin has been working with THRIVE consultants and receiving personalized coaching and mentoring. During her time with THRIVE, Erin has increased her self-confidence and gained valuable work experience and skills.

About THRIVE             

THRIVE: Transforming Hiring Relationships; Inspiring Vocational Experiences

THRIVE provides participants with training to build their vocational and employability skills. The services provided through THRIVE are customized to meet the unique needs of each participant.

Thanks to the generous support of Coast Capital and RBC Foundation, THRIVE is able to help participants, like Erin, develop the skills and confidence to find meaningful employment that aligns with their talents and skills.

Through this program, Erin has worked with her consultants to develop important skills for finding a job, such as building a resume, writing cover letters, and confidently navigating interviews.

“After returning from a break due to health reasons, it had been quite a while since I had applied for jobs. I was feeling insecure with all that job searching entailed. It can be challenging at times to identify what fields to pursue, what to look for on job applications, what kinds of questions I might be asked and what I should ask. In addition, learning how to speak to employers about work accommodations was something that I was not entirely comfortable with.”

Promoting Equity

THRIVE works to counteract the shortcomings of current systems by assisting individuals with diverse abilities in finding sustainable employment. THRIVE consultants connect participants with employers and help employers create inclusive work environments that are tailored to the strengths and talents of participants.

“Programs like THRIVE are important because they promote equity by helping people who may have otherwise had a harder time getting back into the workforce. Honestly, life is hard enough, and having a disability just makes it that much more challenging. Thankfully, programs like THRIVE are a great addition to promoting a more inclusive society for all.”

Thank you to Coast Capital and RBC Foundation for their generous support of THRIVE.