We Want Your Engagement

We want you to feel connected to our work and our mission.

Your support for and involvement in the BC Centre for Ability matters. You can help us strengthen inclusion, ensure respect and dignity, and combat isolation and poverty.

Help us make a world of difference for children, families, and adults living with disabilities in the following ways:

Ambassadors of Ability

Do you feel a connection with our cause? Do you want to make a life-changing difference? Let us suggest how your own event can help.


Stand together, stand united, and stand counted for inclusion. Your membership allows us to advocate for the rights, desires, and needs of the disability community.

Donations and Sponsorship

Achieve visibility, corporate social responsibility, and outreach to our supporters through exciting opportunities. View our Foundation’s purpose, mission, vision and values here.


Support our signature event, Dining for Dreams Gala, and join our community to celebrate people with disabilities who demonstrate their resilience and inspire others to achieve new heights.

To find out more, please contact:

Joshua Myers, Chair