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1. What types of training qualifies?

All kinds that address employability needs of applicants. The training must be 6 months or less and offered by a public institution or an accredited private institution and lead to employment.

2. Can I take part-time courses?

Yes. The Opportunities Fund can provide sponsorship for part-time or full-time training.

3. What is a Case Manager?

A case manager is an employment counsellor who will support you to reach your employment goals. They will help you with identifying resources, selecting programs and completing your application to the Opportunities Fund Program. Your Case Manager will offer support throughout your training or wage subsidy and job search.

4. Where do I find a Case Manager?

At local employment services office like WorkBC and specialized disability services providers.

5. What if the training is only available through a private college?

The Opportunities Fund Program can sponsor training at a private training institution if:

  1. the institution is recognized by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) and
  2. the training choice is justifiable in relation to the job target

6. Can I get sponsorship for skills training followed by a work experience/wage subsidy?

It is expected that applicants will actively be looking for work immediately after skills training completion. A work experience (paid or unpaid) will be arranged for each participant for a negotiated period of time.

7. What if I want to be self-employed?

The Opportunities Fund can sponsor applicants to complete self-employment training. Think of Self Employment Programs (SEPs) as going to school to learn how to be successful at running a business.  The business can be small, medium or large in size. We’ve had some amazing successes over the years.  Candidates for a SEP must have a business concept in mind to be considered. The Opportunities Fund does not provide start-up and capital costs for small business ventures.

8. Can I apply to the Opportunities Fund if I am in default of past student loans?

Yes, however applicants will need to negotiate a repayment schedule with the student loan program before applying for the Opportunities Fund.

9. Can I get Opportunities Fund sponsorship if I am on a WorkSafeBC claim or other long term disability claim?

Claimants may be eligible. Ask your case manager to contact an Opportunities Fund Community Coordinator.

The Opportunities Fund For Persons with Disabilities is a program of the BC Centre for Ability.
The Government of Canada has contributed funding to this initiative