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We would like to welcome Allyson Clark to the BC Centre for Ability as the newest member of our growing leadership team.  Allyson is taking on a brand-new position for us called Leader: Innovation, Transformation & Quality. Allyson will be responsible for overseeing quality improvement and accreditation as well as growing out culture and capacity for innovation. She will also support the organization through small and large-scale change initiatives as we adapt and respond to the ever-changing landscape of the non-profit sector.

Allyson has an extensive background in leadership, change management and quality improvement. Allyson has a Bachelor of Commerce degree as well as a Master of Science degree, is certified in Prosci and has training in facilitation, engagement, consulting and in quality improvement through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Allyson is also an entrepreneur, innovator and has held several board positions at various not-for-profit organizations locally.

We are thrilled to welcome Allyson to the team!

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