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Megan has worked at BCCFA for just over 3 years. She is a Supported Child Development (SCD) Consultant in Burnaby.

Megan helps to ensure children with diverse needs are included and supported in their childcare programs. She meets with families to hear about their specific goals and then helps ensure these goals are met for each child. She works closely with early childhood educators, therapists, social workers, and behaviour consultants to create personalized support plans for each child. A support plan might include helping adapt a childcare environment to allow a child in a wheelchair to move freely and participate with peers, creating a visual schedule to help a child learn to follow a routine, or supporting a child to enter and sustain play with a peer by facilitating a play interaction.

Before joining the BCCFA team, Megan worked closely with SCD Consultants as a Support Worker. She “fell in love with the role” and decided to enrol in the SCD/IDP Certificate program at UBC.

“I feel very fortunate my dream came true! Every day is different and provides a new and rewarding challenge. I love working with children and families.”

What makes you proud to work at BCCFA?

“Getting to see the progress of the children we work with and hearing family stories.”

What has your experience been like working at BCCFA?

“I love working for an organization that cares for its employees as much as we care for the families and children we work with. My team is wonderful!”

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

“I grew up in Williams Lake, BC which is famous for its annual stampede. It’s actually one of Canada’s largest rodeos. I’m a country girl at heart for sure.”