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We are dedicated to helping families enhance their child’s development and ensuring the positive health of each child in the environment where they live, learn, and play. As a result of multiple brain injuries, Liam, an enthusiastic and bright athlete, faced cognitive fatigue, making it difficult to sleep, concentrate and communicate.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) , worked closely and collaboratively with Liam and his family to identify and develop programs to help Liam re-develop his speech, language and communication skills. Our Physiotherapist helped Liam regain his balance and start building his strength and endurance again. The Occupational Therapist helped identify areas affecting including working memory, writing, reading skills and built a program to rebuild these areas of deficit. As a result of the hard-working team and Liam’s perseverance and ongoing positive outlook, he has been able to approach challenges and overcome them.

Liam was an academic high achiever and was very passionate about sports. His love for being active on the ski hills and soccer fields unfortunately came to a halt after multiple accidents involving his head and neck. After his third concussion, he found that his speech was affected and lost the ability to read and write. As a result of severe problems with fatigue, sensitivities to noise and light and sometimes nausea while walking, Liam found it impossible to be out of the house. A hard transition for someone who had formed many friendships though his sports associations and school.

Tara, Liam’s mother, was devoted to helping find her son the services he would need. With the help of key support services, including Joan and his therapists, they refined the motor skills that Liam had lost, including re-teaching his brain critical communication skills including putting sentences and ideas together.

Liam’s determination and positive outlook has motivated him throughout his therapy. He has even shared his outlook with a little girl and a much older adult who had relatable stories, encouraging them to stay positive and active. His family is proud of how far he’s come and the improvement in his emotions and behaviours. They are overwhelmed at how BCCFA “wrapped their arms around our child and had a willingness to try anything and everything to support him in his recovery.”


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