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In-person sessions will be offered to clients based on a comprehensive strategy to determine priority assessment, Centre capacity and clinical judgement.

In mid-March, all services were transitioned to virtual platforms as a result of the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic. BC Centre for Ability (BCCFA) experienced nothing but patience, kindness and compassion from clients and families during that transition period. BCCFA weathered the storm and were able to continue providing all services virtually. However, as virtual services have proven to be helpful for many, there is really no replacement for in-person support.

British Columbians, have made incredible sacrifices over the last two months in response to the pandemic; these sacrifices have resulted in a flattening and now bending of the curve. With COVID-19 rates on the decline and the Government of BC announcing its four phase Restart Plan, BCCFA will begin gradually resuming in-person services over the next few months. A comprehensive plan has been developed detailing the reopening and expansion of in-person services of all programs beginning June 1, 2020. This strategy will follow the phases and timelines of the provincial plan over the next few months.

Through the phases of recovery, most of the services will continue to be offered virtually; clients and families will have a choice in how services take place, with respect to personal wishes and preferences. Enhanced safety measures will be in place for all in-person visits at the Centre and in the community – these include, but are not limited to, pre-visit screening questions, enhanced hand hygiene and cleaning protocols, physical adaptations to our office space, social distancing at all times (unless services require close contact), and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Strict guidelines regarding staff health are also in place to ensure that employees are not at the Centre or attending appointments if they are unwell or have recently returned from out-of-country travel.

With priority to health and safety, the goal in the coming months is to continue providing excellent, caring and compassionate support to clients and families, whether that be in-person or virtually. Program teams or service providers will reach out to clients about continuing with virtual services or booking in-person appointments based on safety, Centre capacity and clinical judgement. BC Centre for Ability is here to support their community, now and in the future.

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